THESIS: The African kingdoms of Kush, Ghana, and Mali, are significant in the ways of their culture, political systems, economics, and military. From the ways of their paintings, to the ways of their built military, they are definitely civilizations that stood out in the ancient world.

I. The African kingdoms had a very unique, artsy, and structured culture.
A. The Ancient Africans had a religion that was very similar to the Egyptian’s mainly because they worshiped many of the same gods and goddesses.
B. The Kushite arts were inspired by the Egyptians, but drastically African.
C. Africans had also used Egypt’s architectural idea of building Pyramids.
D. The Kush, Mali, and Ghana kingdoms had very different day to day lives.

II. In Africa, the political systems are both advanced and one of its kind.
A. The rulers also known as kings in Africa take on a lot of responsibility.
B. In the government, the priests were technically more powerful than the kings.

III. Kush, Ghana, and Mali were all highly affected by their economy.
A. Almost all of the ancient African kingdoms were essentially trading civilizations.
B. The economy had a huge impact on their daily life.

IV. The military in Africa played a big role in keeping the kingdoms alive.
A. The armies in the African kingdoms were well built and could withstand any intruders.
B. Many significant battles took place in Africa and affected the people there.
C. To win many of the battles for Kush, they used very simple but powerful weapons.

~Gina Murphy and Katie Lacy