Ancient China Outline

Thesis Statement: Ancient China was the largest superpower in all of Asia in the ancient world. Ancient China was split into several different dynasties, ruling families, each dynasty with slightly different ways of life. They were at constant war with each other and fought to stay powerful. The ancient Chinese impacted history through their military conquest, major historical figures, their advanced economics, their interactive geography, and their unique culture.

I. The geography of Ancient China consisted of many different landforms that were important to China.
A. China had many landforms that impacted the way they used their surrounding enviroment.
B. China depended on their landforms to protect them from invaders, to trade, and to raise animals.

II. The economics of the Chinese civilization were thought-out and simple.
A. The trade of the Chinese connected them with the rest of the world.
B. The occupations of the Chinese were very important to the rest of the civilization and kept the whole community going.

III. The Chinese had a vast a powerful military that conquered anyone in the path.
A. The Chinese had many different armies that fought each other in every dynasty.
B. The Chinese fought with advanced weapons from the late Neolithic Age and Bronze Age.

IV. The Chinese empire was brought to its greatness by the help of major historical figures.
A. These figures accomplished many things that helped make China an ancient world super power.
B. The most important figures mostly dated back to the Xia dynasty.

V. The most important thing about the ancient China civilization is their cultural advances in their society.
A. Their religion was part of everyday life and included worshiping your ancestors.
B. The Chinese had very unique and advanced artworks that affected the way people made art for centuries to come.
C. The architecture made by the Chinese varied from social classes and their role in society.
D. All the advances had a large impact on their daily lives.
E. Chinese science was very complicated and affected the way people used technology and inventions.