Ancient India Outline Ravi Nayak

Thesis Statement: Ancient India was a very wealthy and organized civilization with a well structured military, and a complex culture..

I. Military- Ancient India’s military was very strong and contained many divisions, keen strategies most civilizations didn’t have, and many deadly weapons that could easily kill a soldier in battle.
A. India had many divisions of their army that did many different jobs.
B. India also had many intelligent strategies that weren’t developed by a lot of other civilizations.
C. The weapons of ancient India were very affective and deadly.

II. Political System- The political system of India was very complex and contained many passionate rulers, an involved government, and many social classes that determined if you were a high valued citizen or one that lived in the slums.
A. Many of India’s rulers were passionate about their kingdom and did whatever it would take to improve it.
B. India’s government got involved in many projects that would improve the kingdom and its people.
C. Social classes in India could determine if one was destined to be a priest, king, or a poor servant or merchant.

III. Culture- Some of India’s culture included complex religions, strict education, and astonishing sciences.
A. India hosted many cultures including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.
B. Many boys got their education by going to a guru or learning from a village school.
. C. Many Indian scientists made remarkable discoveries that impact our life today.