Clare McLaughlin
Research Wiki Outline

The main elements of the Arab empire are the economics, culture, and military. Many of these contributions and ideas are still used today.

I.ECONOMICS- Economics of the Arab contributed to Islam’s spread across the globe.
A. Occupations - From the lowest farmers to Caliphs of the empire, occupations in the Arabian empire differed.
B. Trade-The Arabian empire was located in a convenient place so that their trade routes stretched across Europe, Africa, China, and the Indian Ocean.
C. Transportation- People in the empire used animals and boats for transportation of information, mail, and people.
D. Impact on Daily Life- Even though the Arab empire was very religious and modest, daily life could become violent and/or harsh.
II.CULTURE- Culture played a substantial part in the Arab Empire and its growth.
A. Religion-The Arab empire was based around Islamic Religion, which believed in one almighty god, Allah.
B. Arts- Though the Arabs were taught to dress and act modestly, their works of art was outstanding in beauty.
C. Education-Throughout the Arab empire, most people strived for knowledge, but not all were given the opportunity to learn or have education at the same levels as others.
D. Architecture-The city-states architecture included a wide range of public and private buildings that together were surrounded by a circular wall for protection.

III.MILITARY- The Arab people were very skilled in battle and military was very important to them.
A. Armies-The Arab empire’s armies were victorious in battle and were united by a common goal.
B. Important Battles-Though most important battles in the Arab empire were conquests, this empire also had some key battles during this time.
C. Weapons-Since the people of the Arab empire were very skilled craftsmen, their weapons were always superb in battle.