Arab Empire Wiki Outline

THESIS: The main elements of the Ancient Arab Empire are geography, culture, political systems, economics, and military. These five aspects of Arab civilization affect millions of people today.

I. Geography played an important role in the expansion of the Arab Empire.
A. Since their location made them the hub of civilization—their empire stretched to Europe, Asia, and Africa—Arab culture spread in many directions, the result of movement of people, goods, and ideas.
B. The movement of travelers and traders of many different cultures resulted in the diversity of the Arabian Peninsula.
C. The Arabs were able to adapt to a dry environment, which was difficult for other civilizations.

II. Culture played a substantial part in the Arab Empire and its growth.
A. The Arab Empire was based around Islamic religion, which centered around the belief of there being a one and only almighty god, Allah.
B. Throughout the Arab empire, most people strived for knowledge, but not all were given the opportunity to learn or
be educated at the same levels as others.

C. Since many cities under Arab rule were cultural melting pots, Arab architecture was a mix of styles from different cultures.
D. Many discoveries were made in the sciences by Arab scientists as well as others living there.
E. The unique culture of the Arabs impacted peoples’ daily life in many ways.

III. The political system of the Arabs was very similar to those of other civilizations in that time period.
A. The rulers of the Arabian empire after Muhammad’s death were called caliphs and were both the political and religious leaders.
B. The governing system and the spread of the empire of the Arabs gave the people of the empire many great opportunities.

IV. Economics of the Arab contributed to Islam’s spread across the globe.
A. The Arabian empire was located in a convenient place so that their trade routes stretched across Europe, Africa, China, and the Indian Ocean.
B. Trade between Arabs and the rest of the world changed significantly as new commercial practices developed in the empire.
C. Even though the Arab empire was very religious and modest, daily life could become violent and harsh.
D. The money made by Arabian merchants from trade was used for many different purposes.
E. People in the empire used animals and boats for transportation of information, mail, and people.
F. From the lowest farmers to caliphs of the empire, occupations in the Arabian empire differed.

V. MILITARY- The Arab people were very skilled in battle and military was very important to them.
A. The Arab empire’s armies were victorious in battle and were united by a common goal.
B. Though most important battles in the Arab empire were conquests, this empire also had some key battles during this time.
C. Since the people of the Arab empire were very skilled craftsmen, their weapons were always superb in battle.