Assyria Outline Created by Patrick Azar and Ryan Ziolkowski
Thesis Statement: The Assyrians are known as one of the first civilizations to exist in the Middle East, but they are also recognized by the geography and convenient location of Assyria, their strong military, and the complex culture of their community.

I. The geography of Assyria was easily adapted to and it is located well.

A. Assyria’s geographic location was in between many different city-states and seas.
B. The Assyrians often interacted with other civilizations through warfare.
C. The place and area of Assyria had a hot climate and was the habitat of many animals.
D. As the Assyrian empire spread throughout the region, the armies moved from place to place.
E. The territory of Assyria lay in a region which is now called the Middle East.
F. The geography of Assyria had a massive amount of impact on culture.

G.The climate in Assyria was mostly hot and dry in the summer.

II. The military of Assyria was ruthless and brutal.

A. Armies of Assyria had strongly planned strategies.
B. Almost every Assyrian war fought had at least one significant battle.
C. Every soldier was equipped with powerful and essential weapons.
D. The decline of Assyria’s defenses was mainly caused by the Babylonian attack on Assyria.

III. Assyrian culture was rich in creativity.

A. Many natural occurrences were explained through religious beliefs.
B. Artistic ability played a big role in Assyria.
C. Young boys were required to take part in their education.
D. The architectural structure of man-made buildings did not go unnoticed by sophisticated Assyrians.
E. Scientific knowledge helped improve the culture of Assyria.
F. Every notable fragment of culture had an overall impact.