The Aztecs Outline

Four significant characteristics of the Aztecs were their fascinating geography, powerfuil military, vivid culture, and noteworthy economics.

The geography of the Aztecs is constantly varying from hot and dry to cold and wet.

The place they lived in was the mostly dry Mexican Valley.
Aztec people built many things to interact with the enviornment.
Their region was unique because around them was swampy and dry land, but they were surrounded by jagged mountain ranges.
Throughout their growth, the Aztecs moved to a legion of places.
The geography’s impact on culture was immense because they adapted to almost every feature.

The Aztec military had many strong and daunting warriors who fought and trained very hard.

To get into the massive, dominant, Aztec army you had to go through a tough training school to learn military conduct.
The Aztecs won all of their battles, except the battle against Hernan Cortés and his allies.
The weapons the Aztecs used were simple but effective.
The decline of the Aztec civilization was caused by Hernan Cortés and his troops conquering the empire.

A very large part of the Aztec lifestyle was the structured and unique culture.

The religion of the Aztec focused on pleasing their many gods with daily sacrifices.
Aztec arts were very detailed and reflected their many beliefs.
The many elements of the Aztec education included going to priest/priestess schools and becoming powerful warriors.
The fascinating Aztec architecture had different styles of buildings for each aspect.
The scientific philosophies of the Aztecs affected the everyday lives of the people.
Aztec newborns went through birth rituals and ceremonies that were a very important part of their life.

The Aztec’s economics were mainly based on trade and bartering.

The many occupations of the Aztecs included trading and making art and goods.
The Aztecs ate from the resources that they had.
Merchants traveled to different areas to trade goods usually for commonly used supplies.
While they weren’t working, the Aztecs watched or played recreational games.